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Title : What Is Cloud Ip Camera App USA 2021

What Is Cloud Ip Camera App?

What Is Cloud Ip Camera App USA 2021

Cloud Ip Camera App is a cloud-based IP camera viewer that enables you to monitor and control your home and / or business. Thanks to its remote access, you can view all connected cameras, including CCTV and IP, from anywhere in the world. Self Security Camera Installation in San Jose CA 2021. With Cloud Ip Camera App, there is no need for an expensive camera system as you have all the tools and functions you need to keep what’s always important safe no matter where you are. And now you understand What Is Cloud Ip Camera App.

Cloud Ip Camera App’s 360-degree real-time security feature allows the vast majority of alarms and sensors to be easily connected to Cloud Ip Camera App and provides a more comprehensive, real-time way to monitor and investigate problems as soon as they arise. With it, users are enabled to respond instantly, ensuring the optimum proper response and the end of false alarms forever


Live video monitoring : Access your cameras online anytime, anywhere.

Connect any / S sensor : Connect and combine any sensor / s to optimize your functions.

Share with anyone : Allow your family and friends to access a live view of your cameras and recordings.

Register in the cloud : Back up your video to secure cloud storage (subscription to Cloud Recording required).

Connect any IP camera soon : We support 90% of camera brands.

Help is just a click away : You can reach our friendly and knowledgeable support whenever you need or try our community support.

Bank-wide encryption : Rest assured to know that your camera feeds are safe and that you alone, as well as the people you choose, can access them.

Multi-camera view : Get an instant overview and instant control of all your streams simultaneously whether you have IP cameras or CCTV cameras (quality may vary depending on your internet connection).

Real-time 360-degree security : Get more comprehensive, real-time means to spot and investigate problems as soon as they arise, ensuring optimal proper response and terminating false alarms forever.

How to use Google Drive as IP cameras’ cloud storage?

Many of our app users are interested in storing the media files created for IP cameras (such as videos and snapshots) in the cloud. We currently do not offer this service. There are many cloud storage service providers who usually require paid subscriptions. Self Security Camera Installation in San Jose CA 2021. Google Drive offers 15GB of free cloud storage. Here are step-by-step instructions for setting up Google Drive and our Android Cloud Storage (Pro) app to store your IP camera videos and photos in the cloud automatically. Google Drive also allows syncing with desktop computers so that you can view them on your computer effortlessly.

Steps to follow in your device to – Use Google Drive as IP cameras’ cloud storage?

1 – Select Google Photos.
2 – Choose the hamburger menu.
3 – Select Settings.
4 – Select Backup & Sync.
5 – Select Backup device folders.
6 – Make sure you select the Movies folder.
7 – You can choose the download size under Backup & Sync.

Done, You have connected your cloud ip camera app to google cloud storage.