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Topic :- Top 3 Best ID Card Printer USA 2021

Top 3 Best ID Card Printers USA 2021

Top 3 Best ID Card Printer USA 2021

In the age of big data and analytics, it is important to establish an identity for everyone and everything for security purposes. Therefore, both individuals and business entities need an official IDcard Printer for professional, social and other activities.

Many organizations need ID cards in large quantities for their employees and they often need them within a very short period of time. Situations like these make it difficult to go to a vendor and print these cards. This is where ID Card Printer come in handy.

The best ID printers save time, have a professional look, and can be customized to print according to your needs. With so many brands of ID cards available, how do you know which one is right for you?

This article is put together after an in-depth research on the widely available ID Card Printer in the market. User reviews have also been taken into consideration so that you can make a wise choice. If you want to know the details, read on to find out more!

Top 3 Best ID Card Printer USA 2021

Pronto ID Card Printer


Fargo ID Card Maker Printer


Badgy ID Card Maker Printer


What to look for before purchasing ID Card Printer?

Buying an ID card printer should be a long-term investment as it’s not something you want to replace before it runs out of time. Therefore, you need to pay close attention to some factors before purchasing an ID card printer. The following will reveal details –

Space : Decide where to keep the printer as this will give you an assessment of which printer to choose. You are most likely to use the printer a lot, and thus, your space should be easy to access.

Number of Printing : Before purchasing an ID printer, make a rough estimate of how many cards you will need throughout the year. Since not all printers have the same capacity, you should choose one based on the number of cards you need.

They might not be the only employee ID cards you need. Many organizations keep visitor cards or offer long-term customer loyalty cards. Therefore, you need to take it into account when calculating how many cards you need per year.

Speed : The speed at which the printer can eject ID cards varies from machine to machine. While some may take barely 10 seconds to print the ID, others may take up to 35 seconds. Depending on how quickly you want the printer to do the work for you, choose the appropriate method.

The speed of the printer also depends on whether you take mono or color prints. Monochrome printers have a faster processing speed because they only run in one color.

Design : You can choose a printer depending on whether you need a one-sided or two-sided ID. The previous type is sufficient for basic information like name, label, ID number, and photo.

If you want to add more information like address, blood group, etc., you need a printer that can print the information on both sides of the card at the same time.

Color : Many printers only print in black or any other single color like red, blue, etc. Other printers can give you ID prints that contain as many colors as you want. Mono or mono printers run faster than other type. Select a printer according to the colors you want on the ID.

1. Magicard ID Card Printer

maggicard id card printer usa 2021 heatedhub.comEverything you need to print your ID comes in this handy compact package!

You can create photo, ID, membership or loyalty cards with one touch of a button with this card printer. The machine prints one side and comes with easy-to-use software, full-color tape, photo ID camera, and 300 PVC cards. You can either take a picture or use your own images and designs.

Choose from color or black and white photo ID for printing. The former takes 35 seconds while the latter takes only 6 seconds. Just follow the enclosed instructions for the simple Plug and Play process.

Compatible with both Mac and Windows OS, USB port and LCD screen make it easy to get ready job. For added security, there are four watermark designs you can select that will discourage unauthorized copying.

The compact design of the printer makes it easy to place in a corner of your home or for medium and small businesses. It can print up to 500 cards per year and is durable.

Print a batch of cards with this ID maker machine – hotel and motel major cards, promotion cards, student and employee IDs, membership cards, gift cards. All with professional printing that reflects the quality of your organization.

The included software makes it easy for beginners to design and take prints. There are built-in templates to choose from and you can drag and drop images and text to add customization.


  • Windows and Mac compatible for flexibility.
  • Includes a photo ID camera for convenience.
  • One-sided printing with watermarks for extra security.
  • User-friendly program with space for customization.
  • 300 PVC cards included.


2. Fargo ID Card Printer

Fargo ID Card Printers Heatedhub.comThis single sided ID card printer can give you professional quality output within minutes!

The package contains everything you need to print right away, as soon as you take it out of its package. The color ribbon is fully prepared to give you 250 color photos or membership cards. Since it is so easy to use the printer with its intuitive features, it won’t take long to get the cards printed.

The company also has 300 durable and high quality PVC cards so you don’t need to rush anywhere else to get the raw materials. You don’t even need to resize these cards, these cards are completely in sync with your printer, software, camera, and color bar.

If you look at the software, you will see that even a child will have no problem using it to design ID cards. Preloaded with professional looking templates, make changes to your design by easily dragging and dropping text boxes, logos, images, etc. Professional quality will surprise you!

This printer serves the purpose of ID card printing well in small business, office and school settings. In its class, it is one of the fastest printers that produce 50% more visuals, rich color and clarity in just 15 seconds per card.

The compact and ergonomic design allows you to place the printer anywhere without wasting any space. To print on both sides of the card, just turn the cover over the card. Embedded technology can encode these cards to protect against copying and counterfeiting.


  • Prints each card in just 16 seconds, in full color.
  • Easy-to-use technology for faster customization and printing.
  • Pre-designed templates for convenience.
  • Compact design against wasting space.
  • Includes 300 premium quality PVC cards.


3. Badgy ID Card Printer

Badgy ID Card Printer Heatedhub.com

Taking care of all the aspects of printing ID cards, this plastic ID card printer enables you to seamlessly design, encode, and print these cards with zero hassle.

Making an in-house ID, photo, or any other type of card has never been easier. Use the included webcam to take photos for your cards. With 50 blank white cards included in the package, you can easily print on-demand cards without wasting time.

A full-color ID takes 45 seconds to print. You can set the machine up without any fuss, thanks to its plug-and-play technology. The instructions are clearly mentioned so that you can use it right away. It’s compatible with both Windows and Mac users, giving you more flexibility.

Its unique notification feature will forewarn you about the full-color ribbon running out. Besides, it has a compact and portable design, allowing you to carry it around and place it anywhere without creating a mess. The ergonomic feature makes it comfortable to handle.

The patented software included helps you to design your cards easily with just the right degree of customization, with or without photos. There’s room for signatures and barcodes. If you want to print on the other side, just flip the card.

With its internal database, you can store the information so that you don’t have to key it in again for reprinting jobs.

It’s a really useful machine for both small and medium enterprises. Make sure to take advantage of the free updates available to keep your printer working efficiently.


  • Easy software for hassle-free printing.
  • Internal database storage for convenient reprinting jobs.
  • Mac and Windows compatible for flexibility.
  • 45 seconds for printing full-color cards.
  • Free updates for increasing workflow and efficiency.



You must have discovered by now that there are several brands of ID Card Printer available, and they each have different advantages for different printing purposes. This article aims to provide you with the basic and essential information to enable you to choose the best ID card printer for your business size.

Choosing a plastic card printer machine is simple but careful. If you know how many ID cards to print each year and how much information is required, you automatically exclude multiple brands to narrow your options.

The ID card printer is a simple machine but it gives you a lot of time-saving and financial benefits. Once you have purchased one, it is important to take proper care while changing and cleaning the color bar so that the print head is not damaged. Here we wish you a successful ID card printer shopping!