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If you use Gmail all above the mailing apps, then this tracking your package is for you. Now you can track your package’s easily in one click within seconds.

Today on 04/11/2022 Gmail announced that they are introducing a new feature, with that feature users can track their packages in inbox.

Gmail Makes Tracking Your Packages Easier Just in Few Seconds.

This works very simple, let’s get understand it in simplest way:-

  1. Whenever you receive any email of your order with tracking number.
  2. Gmail automatically detect it and displays a delivery status label on your message header.
  3. Status will include “Arriving Tomorrow” and “Delivered Today”.
  4. The label will also appear like “Arriving Wed, Nov 06” indicating the exact date of product will arrive at your doorstep.

But there is a problem this will not going to be activated automatically, the new feature needs to opt into the service in your Gmail settings. And you can turn it off at any time. The service will work with all shipping carriers.

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