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Topic : – Best Premium Id Card Printer USA 2021

Best Premium Id Card Printer USA 2021Best Premium Id Card Printer USA 2021

Buying an ID card printer should be a long-term investment as it’s not something you want to replace before it runs out of time. Therefore, you need to pay close attention to some factors before purchasing an ID card printer. The following will reveal details – this article concludes Best Premium Id Card Printer USA 2021.



Decide where to keep the printer as this will give you an assessment of which printer to choose. You are most likely to use the printer a lot, and thus, your space should be easy to access.

Number Of Prints

Before purchasing an ID printer, make a rough estimate of how many cards you will need throughout the year. Since not all printers have the same capacity, you should choose one based on the number of cards you need.

They might not be the only employee ID cards you need. Many organizations keep visitor cards or offer long-term customer loyalty cards. Therefore, you need to take it into account when calculating how many cards you need per year.

Speed Of Printing

The speed at which the printer can eject ID cards varies from machine to machine. While some may take barely 10 seconds to print the ID, others may take up to 35 seconds. Depending on how quickly you want the printer to do the work for you, choose the appropriate method.

The speed of the printer also depends on whether you take mono or color prints. Monochrome printers have a faster processing speed because they only run in one color.


You can choose a printer depending on whether you need a one-sided or two-sided ID. The previous type is sufficient for basic information like name, label, ID number, and photo.

If you want to add more information like address, blood group, etc., you need a printer that can print the information on both sides of the card at the same time.


Many printers only print in black or any other single color like red, blue, etc. Other printers can give you ID prints that contain as many colors as you want. Mono or mono printers run faster than other type. Select a printer according to the colors you want on the ID.

Software and Technology

The best ID card printer models usually come with simple software for ease of operation. It enables you to customize templates easily.

The printer uses either DTC, Direct to-Card, or Reverse Transfer Technology. In a DTC, the printer prints directly to the card through a process called dye-sublimation. This technique is faster, but it leaves a small white border around the image.

DTC lets you control temperature and color settings.

On the other hand, reverse transfer technique takes more time as it involves two steps. The text or image is first transferred onto clear film in the opposite direction. Then the printer applies enough heat and pressure to transfer the image to the card.

Backprint technology produces images that are brighter, clearer, more durable and resist the effects of moisture.


Encoding is the process of storing important metadata within an ID component. Not all printers have this advanced feature.

For security reasons or the nature of the business, ID cards may need to be encrypted. In this case, choose a printer that can print encrypted ID cards.

Benefits of using ID card printers

There are some major benefits to owning an ID card printer and that is why it is such a popular machine. Read on to find out the benefits of owning one.

Economical benefits off idcard printer

The ID card printer gives you the money you need to print the cards from an outside vendor. Since it is a business for them, they keep an amount for their earnings. You can avoid paying this by having your own card printer.

Time saving by fastest printing

With the printer, you can save a lot of time by producing cards for your employees or any other purpose. If you have to go to a vendor, there is the time needed to inform them of the job, the transfer time and the time needed to continue the work.


The ID printer will protect you from the uncomfortable situation of relying on someone else to take your prints and deliver them to you. You can take the prints instantly after finishing the design without depending on someone else. This is especially useful for urgent jobs.


With this ID card making machine, you have the freedom to customize in terms of colors and printing on one or both sides of the card. You can easily make these customizations if you own a printer.

Additionally, you can choose either DTC technology or reverse transfer technology also depending on how accurate you want the image to be.